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Sinking to Swim

It’s not like I’m dying for suicide.
I’m just at a constant struggle with life’s high tide.
“Sink or swim” I no longer want to abide by.

This undescribable feeling is weighing me down.
Like a boulder with three tons of hate promising me to drown.
Allowing me only a brisk touch to the water’s crown.

With my child’s face, the water’s surface is stained,
Call me crazy, call me insane.
Call me twisted for referring this poem to her name.

Although inside I’m dying, I push harder.
And with every strength I fight because of my daughter.
She’s worth dying for to try and keep my head above water.



Silent Voice

Sing softly to me through the winds,
I can still hear your voice.
Listen to my yearn for you
Empathize on my
Need to be
Tranquilized by your 

Voice that brings me
Out of darkness and
Into a
Center of
Eternity with you.


Change doesn’t come easy but
Hovers like death,
Awaits a person,
Nagging at the inner being
Grasping at the hope that
Everything can remain unchanged.