Who I am

Who am I?

Well, who are you?

I am Giani (G-ah-nee) from New England (America) for those of you creepy people who can’t handle my real location. I’m in the early stages of my 20’s with a beautiful daughter. I am a single mother who likes to walk around with my little Adventure. I love to color and draw with my little Artist. I enjoy reading books with my little Bookworm. But mostly, and simply, I love being a mother to my little child.

In between numerous snacks and all the latest Disney movies, I spend my time writing poems and editing, shredding, writing and perfecting my three novels that I’m writing. I’m going to school for a Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing and hopefully I will finish that in 2016! That means, I have four years of perfecting and mastering my talent and skill (yes, I have faith in my writing) to achieve my dream as a sucessful writer.

There is room for improvement in my work, which I am willing and eager to learn. So, explore my page as my thoughts come alive.


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