New York City

City of dreams
City of yellow cabs
City of lights

Skyscrapers touch the sky
Skyscrapers towering over the ants of people
Skyscrapers that can’t be compared to even the tallest tree in the forest

Lights saying go this way
Lights saying go that way
Lights that pedstrians refuse to follow.

Buildings dressed in burned red bricks
Buildings laced with rusted fire escapes
Buildings with so much hidden within, so little time

People rushing here
People racing there
People running to everywhere, to anywhere

On mopeds
On foot
On bicycles
In cars
In buses
In taxis.
To where?
Anywhere and everywhere!

A part of me is excited to walk amongst
The people who walk as if life is a runway
A part of me is terrified of the barbaric traffic
A part of me wants to know what all the hype is abouy

And what a hype it is!
Constant noise from cars zooming by
Constant honks from impatient drivers to slow bystanders
Constant life as the day goes to rest and the night comes alive.

New York City
What a terribly frightening hype it is!


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