Being a Parent

Being a parent
is more than the title
your name was given on the birth certificate
is more than the number of hours
waiting for the arrival of a child
is more than the cutting of the embilical cord
that disconnects a woman and her offspring
is more than the DNA that runs
through his or her viens
is more than the statement
that you are the parent.

Being a parent
is about the time that is
created and devoted to a child
is the love that is expressed
verbally and physically
is about the bond that is
built and is appreciated
is about the pride that is
draw out from both parent and child
is about the sacrafice of your life
to live a life for someone else.

Being a parent
is about being there physically
for your child, never having to question
if your whereabouts are greater than they are
is about being there mentally
for your child, teaching them right from wrong
is about being there spiritually
for your child, so they know the love that is
being brought to them is theirs and theirs only.
is about being there emotionally
for your child, loving then no matter what.


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  1. beautifully written as the rest keep expressing your art

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