Fire on Earth


To the naked eye, fire is beautiful.
Red flames, the color of copper
scorches anything in its path.
Orange flames, the color of sunset
diminishes anything that once was.
Yes, fire, to the naked eye is beautiful.

To the ignorant eye, earth is peaceful.
Evergreen tree populate the land
as masses of blue, crystal water don’t dare enter
the territory that life walks upon.
Yes, earth, to the ignorant eye is peaceful.

We mask how dangerous earth could be,
ignoring what treacherous creatures walk among us.
We are fooled to believe that the fire on earth
has finally been suffocated,
as the latest tragedy has been put to rest.
We cover, hide and protect the deceitful mankind,
sculpting an image of safety and trust that our brother
will never do us harm,
until it’s too late.

Still, we are tempted to touch fire,
tempted to control the sunset and copper flames
knowing that at the slightest touch, we are to be burned.

Still we are tempted to shape the earth,
tempted to smother the fire on earth,
knowing that at the slightest betrayal
of what should be, we are to fail.



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