Where Are Our Women?

Where are our women of today?

Where are the Harriet Tubman’s in our world,
slaving for the price our freedom,
and the freedom of us alike.

Where are the Victoria Woodhull’s,
taking the world by Her horn’s,
steering her in the direction we favor?

Where are the Annie Sullivan’s,
humbly investing in something better than ourself
even if we aren’t the one who bring back the fame and fortune?

Where are the Abbie Burgess’,
unquestionably reliable for those who needed her
and was favored because of her consistency?

Where are the Belle Boyd’s,
bravely living life on the edge,
no matter how high the costs are?

Where are the Sally Hemings’,
shedding blood for what they love,
even if it isn’t right?

Where are our women of today to tell us,
that we are not to be reprimanded by his hand,
but we are helped by it.
That we are not looked down upon with belittlement
but we are looked up to with admiration.
That we are not quieted by his alpha mind
but we are encouraged by his wisdom.
That we are not thought to be created as less than man
but we are created to be equal …

and if not equal, than magnificent.
Where are our women of today?

Hello again! Some might read this poem and wonder who are all these random names thrown out in my stanzas. Well, they are all real, famous and have left a footprint in this world that will never diminish. Below are the names stated above and what all their commotion was about. It must have been good because they are landmarks in history and examples in my poem!

Harriet Tubman: Underground Railroad conductor, Army scout, African-American suffragette.
Victoria Woodhull: First woman to run for President, center of a scandal that rocked the nation!
Annie Sullivan: Helen Keller’s teacher.
Abby Burgess (Grant): Lighthouse keeper at Matinicus Rock and Whitehead Light Stations in Maine, commissioned by U.S. Coast Guard.
Belle Boyd: Confederate spy during the Civil War.
Sally Hemings: African American who sacrificed her freedom from slavery for the love of President Thomas Jefferson.

For more on these wonderful, brave, honorable woman and many, many more, please visit, http://www.lkwdpl.org/wihohio/figures.htm


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  1. Thought provoking…especially for those of us who are passionate about women’s stories.

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