Start with ‘A’ to get to ‘Z’

A for actuality that you would even exist to be

B for believing an emotion so deceiving

C for catastrophe, a relationship defined as a masterpiece

D for never denying the love worth dying

E for envy, wanting different cards from what God dealt me

F for the flaws, our love was thought perfect, simply demolished them all

G for the gratitude from experiencing an emotion of this magnitude

H for the hypocrisy created by the disapproving sea

I for intimacy, an undesired fantasy never considered leniency

J for judgmental, an unwanted or desired credential

K for knowing what this decision was bestowing

L for lusting three simple words so trusting

M for misleading to a the voice so intriguing

N for neglecting a desire worth protecting

O for the optimist that dream a love like this could exist

P for promises and as promised, they will ghostly haunt us

Q for qualities I was able to breach by loyalty

R for regretting the feeling that he was settling

S for stranded I was and my love he no longer demanded

T for tomorrow the future, now uncertain and hollowed

U for underestimating how quickly “forever” was dissipating

V for vast amount of uncertainties intimidated to ask

W for God’s wrath a price I’m willing to pay for the devil’s laugh

X for x-rays

on the day

when I will begin to forever stiffly lay

my heart will drum quietly to say,

Y for you

the sky is the limit for anything I’d do

just to let you know this isn’t something new:

Z for zeal

to my love I will forever feel.”


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